Galápagos flycatcher


Using images

If you are a teacher  and wish to use a photograph in your lectures, please feel free to do so. I only ask (1) that you not remove or cover the watermark and (2) that you not publish the photograph on the internet as part of slide deck or web page. If you have time to leave a comment on the photograph, I'm always curious what people find interesting and useful about an image.

Ordering prints

Just click on the Buy (shopping cart) button.

Downloading digital files

If you'd like to license any of the photographs for use on websites, books, journals, etc., please use the Commercial download license. If you are a small non-profit, I can give you a discount (e.g., if you'd like to pay via Venmo or PayPal).

If you have a personal use for a photograph and would like to purchase a digital copy, use the Personal license.

Getting help

I have tens of thousands of additional images, so if you'd like to purchase something but the current version is not quite right in terms of layout, it's highly likely I have another version.

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